Our company specialises in providing search engine optimisation solutions to companies in Hertfordshire that want to be seen online.

Read on for more information on how SEO can dramatically improve your bottom line sales (when it’s applied correctly, of course!).

Do You Need SEO?

The short answer is, yes!

Whether you’re a tradesman working in a particular town or borough, or an IT support firm looking for more contracts from anywhere within the UK, our Hertfordshire SEO services can help you claim a piece of the market that is rightfully yours. We’ve come across plenty of companies in our time who are well-known offline, but have minimal impact on the web. If you don’t invest in search engine optimisation, you have little to no chance of taking on your competitors in a world that is becoming increasingly internet-based.

How SEO Works

We know that every business is unique, so campaigns vary from client to client. But the great thing is that many SEO techniques can be applied to companies that operate in virtually any industry.

There are generally two elements to an SEO service: onsite optimisation, and offsite optimisation (which is sometimes referred to as link building).

Onsite optimisation involves looking at the design and structure of your existing website, and the content that sits within it. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration to make sure that the search engines rank your website for keywords that are relevant to your business. We’ll look at everything from the hierarchy of your pages to the site’s meta tags to ensure you’re set up for success.

To get maximum exposure, you’ll also need us to build quality, relevant links to the site. We can acquire these in a number of ways – for example, we may list your company on an online, UK-based directory, or we may ask to publish a guest blog on another platform in return for a mention of your URL. The concept of link building is simple, but researching linking opportunities and following them through takes time and resources, which is why many companies prefer to outside their SEO work to a dedicated agency.

It’s tricky to stay one step ahead of the search engines’ ever-changing requirements in order to achieve and maintain better positions. Google is particularly known for its stringent search guidelines, so it’s vital that our SEO services in Hertfordshire fall within best practice. This means that all of our onsite and offsite SEO tactics need to be ethical, and ‘white-hat’. Employing spammy, or ‘black-hat’, techniques will more often than not lead to demotion within the listings – or, worse still, a full penalisation.

Our Approach

Clearly, then, choosing an SEO service provider is a big decision, and one that will help shape your overall marketing strategy. Freelance SEO Hertfordshire is different from many other local Herts SEO agencies in that our service encompasses much more than just achieving better rankings within the search engines.

We’re on hand to discuss every single element of your search marketing campaign, from brainstorming blog topics to interpreting information from various analytics and reporting software, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

We’re transparent, we’re communicative, and best of all, we’re realistic.

To learn more about our hands-on SEO services in Hertfordshire, contact our consultants today.